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TBS VISION has been the production arm of Tokyo Broadcasting System, one of Japan’s major commercial broadcasters, for over 60 years.

TBS VISION is one of the leading media and entertainment companies in Japan. We have a wealth of experience in the production of TV programs (covering topics such as art, news and information, and the imperial family), videos, computer graphics, art exhibitions, films, commercials, and entertainment marketing. We have worked with various international media companies in the past, and hope to continue cooperation, including international co-productions, in the future.

TBS VISION’s clients include TBS Television, NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation), BS-TBS, WOWOW, and the Disney Channel. We have produced the TBS program “The World Heritage” since 1996, in partnership with the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, and have filmed at more than 600 sites around world.

TBS VISION offers a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and 3D, 4K, 8K cinematography across genres, including science and technology, exploration, adventure, history, music, theater, and art. We also excel in providing in-depth, behind-the-scenes looks at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world.

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5-3-6 TBS Broadcasting Center-18F, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8471, Japan


Major Clients

Our programs have been broadcast on channels such as Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) Television, BS-TBS, NHK, Fuji TV Network, WOWOW, BS JAPAN, BS11, WAKUWAKU JAPAN, SKY Perfect JSAT 4K, HikariTV4K (NTTPlala) channel4K, Disney Channel, ANIMAX, and NOTTV.

Commercials: TOYOTA, SUBARU, LOTTE (through ad agencies Dentsu and Hakuhodo)
Promotional Videos: Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, House of Representatives (Japan), Tokyo Fire Department


Sketchtravel:The 5-Year Journey of a Sketchbook (WOWOW)

Story of the Man who made TOY STORY 3

Banff World Media Festival 2012 Nomination
Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association Awards
Best educational program of the year 2012


The World Heritage (TBS)

With the official approval of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre. In addition to being recognized for excellence by the World Heritage Committee 2006, the program has won several awards internationally and been well received in overseas markets.


3D & 4K Nature Documentaries

Ari no mama de itai
(just want to be an ant)

Educational movie on the lives of insects filmed with microscope 3D cameras.

This documentary features stunning 3D close-up footage of insects. It was filmed with a camera specially designed by TBS VISION, that we call the Ant’s Eye View Camera - the first and only one in the world.

The director of photography is Satoshi Kuribayashi, a Japanese nature photographer who was awarded the Lennart Nilsson Award for his outstanding photography in 2006.

Kuribayashi and the TBS VISION team filmed the insects for an astonishing 430 days, resulting in breathtaking images and scenes from a still fairly unknown world. The 4K ( ultra high-definitin format ) resolution version is currently being filmed.


World Heritage Sites Viewed from Space

Since 2006, the Japanese Advanced Land Observation Satellite, DAICHI, has been observing World Heritage sites from space with three high-tech sensors. It has inspired this film, which uses images of World Heritage sites taken from space and here on Earth with a 4K digital camera.

Told from the point of view of children who live near the sites, the film immerses the audience in the magnificence of these structures, created by nature and by humans. The original script is written by Kundo Koyama, winner of an 81st Academy Award for Okuribito (The Departures), with the message that World Heritage sites are a present to our future.



4K Premium Edition: Detail of the Earth

The World Heritage Sites

TBS VISION has captured World Heritages in high-definition for 19 years, helping to convey their outstanding value to humanity. The programs combine the highest levels of visual quality with compelling narration and inspiring music. The production approach is simple: showcase all that is irreplaceable on our planet.

This 4K program has featured sites such as Egypt’s Abu Simbel Temples, Italy’s Early Christian Monuments of Ravenna, China’s Mogao Caves, and the US’s Yellowstone National Park. This program has been widely acclaimed for its beautiful images. This was the first TV program in Japan to be shot and edited in 4K. It is now being broadcast in 4K as well.

The Historic Royal Wedding of Empress Michiko 4K


The first imperial wedding to be televised in Japan, in 1959, remastered from the original 35mm films into a 4K digital program for the first time.

Japanese Empress Michiko was the first commoner to marry into the Japanese imperial family in modern times. She became the symbol of Japan's modernization and democratization. More than 500,000 people crowded the streets of Tokyo to watch the wedding procession.

©Hikari TV

We Are Techies! (Drama)
©Hikari TV

4K Goodness: Bikini Models
©Hikari TV


The World Heritage 3D GRAND TOUR

World Heritage sites documented in 3D. “The World Heritage 3D” takes the viewer on a World Heritage journey. The viewer becomes immersed in the spectacular images, making them feel like they are actually there.

TV Programs
LIVE Programs

Tony Awards
Live program showing Awards ceremony
Live from New York
2014, 2015, 2016

Grammy Awards
Live program showing Awards ceremony
and red carpet
Live from Los Angeles

Information 7 Days Newscaster (TBS)
With Takeshi Kitano, film director and winner of numerous international awards, including the Venice Film Festival's Leone d'Oro.

TV Programs
Nature Documentaries

The World Heritage
16:9HD 30’ × 600 episodes

The World Heritage
3D 30’ × 24 episodes 4K 30’ × 14 episodes

Hideaki Ito’s Trip to Siberia
2 hours

The Great Amazon
Eternity - 6500km

Earth Walker
Ogasawara Islands - Journey of Evolution
(Fuji TV Network)

TV Programs
Human Documentaries

Japanese Kabuki actor Tamasaburo Bando V
100 Years of Japanese Classic Theater

Mimoza Koike
Principal Ballerina of Les Ballets de Monte-Carlo

TV Programs
Travel (16:9 HD)

Getting to Know Beautiful Japan
50' x 130 episodes

The Most Spectacular Views
The Grace of Mt Fuji
120' x 4 episodes

Journeys in the Caribbean
Visits to 9 Caribbean islands
120' x 2 episodes

Ancient Temples & Shrines
The Art of "Seal Stamps"
5' x 10 episodes